Smokeless Gutkha is one of the most popular forms of Tobacco used in South East Asia. It is arguably considered safer than regular Tobacco. 17% of South Asians consistently chew Tobacco, whereas 22% prefer to smoke puff tobacco. Even though both are addictive and may cause health issues, there are some differences between them. In this blog, we will have a detailed look at smokeless Tobacco, also known as Gutkha. It is a common and essential ingredient in the pan. 

How Addictive Is Smokeless Tobacco?

Chewable Tobacco also contains an equal amount of nicotine as in cigarettes which is why it is highly addictive. Young people who use Tobacco in any form are most likely to switch to smoking any soon. Smokeless Tobacco contains many high-risk chemicals such as Tobacco-specific nitrosamines, Polonium-210 and metals like arsenic, mercury, nickel and lead.

Even though smokeless Tobacco does not contain the same carcinogen found in regular Tobacco, it includes areca nut, which has the same effects. The only difference is that areca nut burns differently from traditional Tobacco. I can be inhaled and also chewed, offering the same results. Many online websites offer a wide range of smokeless tobacco. One such reliable source is RMD Gutkha. Let’s have a look at this product once we know how Gutkha works.

How Do Smokeless Tobacco Products Work?

Gutkha is a round-shaped ball of Tobacco that is inhaled as well as chewed. Most people use it for oral use by holing it between the lips or close to the cheek. The dried form of Tobacco is called snuff that can be put in a nostril or inhaled through the nose.

Gutkha can also be used in plugs, loose leaves and twists. No matter which product is used, the dose eventually enters the bloodstream after passing through the mucous membrane of the mouth. The effect produced by Gutkha lasts longer than cigarettes because the nicotine in smokeless Tobacco is released slowly and gradually. 

It may look like a standard practice but Gutkha is highly addictive and with strong withdrawal effects. It is very hard to quit as compared to other nicotine products. It’s a myth that using smokeless Tobacco can help in reducing smoking addiction. It’s not true because smokeless Tobacco is itself very addictive. 

Side Effects Of Gutkha

Using Gutkha for a long time can cause many periodontal problems. It can cause loss of gum and bone around the area. It can also cause cancer of mouth, tongue and throat because of the harmful elements present in smokeless tobacco. Beginners may also face diarrhea, cramps and nausea if the Gutkha contains a higher quantity of betel nuts.

RMD Gutkha

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