In today's world naturally processed ingredients are increasingly becoming the order of the day. One of such processed ingredients is the RMD Gutkha. By the standard of many, it is often considered an all-time favorite in many places in the world.

As many people have come to terms with the use of this product.  It is particularly distinct from every other contemporary as it contains a mixture of many superb selected ingredients.

These ingredients are to a very large extent unique when you examine their aromas and flavors. As their formulation was established after a lot of testing and various research testing the efficacy of these ingredients.

Little wonder we see a lot of achievement with the RMD Gutkha as it achieved great success which has necessitated tremendous brand loyalty.

In this article, we share all you need to know about the RMD Gutkha and what it could do. If you are seeking relevant knowledge about this product and all that is about, then you should be rest assured of this article for you.

Best form?

As of today, Gutkha is the leading producer in India. The successful Gutkha products produced so far are the RMD products. It is well-known for its brand ambassador Moiz Miya during the year 2018, 2019 and 2020. This enterprise is very famous for having sponsored the Filmfare Awards for many years.

Packaging and Availability?

The availability of this product is just as what you have with other products. But one intriguing feature about the packaging of this product is that it is completely packaged in a humid proof pouch. The packaging comes in different weights.

This includes 1.5 gms, 2 gms and 3.5 gms pouches which are all made for consumption in Asia predominantly. But the 4 g pouches are made for the international markets that are outside of Asia, particularly markets in the US, North American region Europe and other locations.

Which region is known to consume RMD Gutkha?

RMD Gutkha is well known in Asia countries particularly countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, and of course India. These regions are known to consume a lot of these products as it has gained wider adoption than every other region in the world.

How do you eat RMD Gutkha?

RMD Gutkha is usually taken by putting a small or minute portion of it inside the gum and cheek and gently sucking and chewing, similar to chewing tobacco.

Does it produce any side effects?

One of the challenges of products as this is the fact that they tend to produce some side effects. Some of these side effects may not be serious while some may be a little serious. So it isn't surprising to find that this product produces side effects.

Some of the side effects associated may be mild but it is still worth mentioning. The side effects include loss of appetites, distortion of sleep patterns, could lead to some loss of concentration and some others.

It is also important to stress that this product could also be addictive as it has been found to be addictive especially amidst young men. Women are also not left out as they are also addicted to this product.

Can it cause cancer?

Concerns have been raised about the probability that RMD Gutkha could cause or induce some forms of cancer. Many people believe that Gutkha is a carcinogenic product. But unfortunately this may be true.

Since, Gutkha is a tobacco-like product, and thus it has been found to cause some forms of cancer, especially mouth cancer. Thus it could induce some life threatening disease. It can also cause some diseases other than cancer.

For example, it can cause oral submucous fibrosis. Which is a very serious disease. As serious as cancer. This is because it involves the development of fibrous bands in the mouth.

This would cause the mucosae of the mouth to lose their elasticity. This would progressively lead to the reduced ability of the mouth to open the mouth.

Who owns RMD Gutkha?

Rasiklal Dhariwal is the founder of the organization and the products. But unfortunately he is late as he died of parotid cancer.


There are no clinical certified benefits of the RMD Gutkha. As what has been touted out there are just mere speculations and hypes not backed up by scientific data. As earlier noted, RMD comes with a lot of risk. Nevertheless it is believed that this product could help in the:

Promoting Memory

Many believe that the RMD Gutkha is good for promotion of sound memory and reasoning as it could enhance the ability to think and retain information.

Elevate The Mood

Another benefit being touted is the fact that the product could elevate the mood and give some sort of relaxing and soothing feeling which the body needs.