Smokeless tobacco comes in many different forms, and its consumption continues to grow in popularity because of its high social acceptance and the general curiosity around it.

SLTs are usually consumed either orally or through nasal inhalation and there are several types to choose from. Three of the most popular SLTs are:

  • Baba Tobacco
  • RMD Gutkha
  • Indian Tobacco


  1. Baba Tobacco

    Baba Tobacco is a high-quality tobacco variant that has been in production for many years. It is made with raw tobacco, depending on the superiority of the leaf, and also mixed with perfumes extracted from flowers. In the process, there is also the treatment of these leaves with several spices including saffron and others. This substance is top-quality and you can Buy Baba Tobacco at Panmasalamix. 
  1. RMD Gutkha

    RMD Gutkha is also called betel quid, and it is a form of chewing tobacco that is made from a combination of tobacco, catechu, areca nut, paraffin wax, slaked lime, and flavorings.
  1. Indian Tobacco

    Indian Tobacco is also referred to as Lobelia, and it is a plant that is native to North America. Many different species of Lobelia exist in nature with one of the most popular being the Lobelia inflated.

This species has been used for its medicinal benefits for hundreds of years. People burnt and smoked it to either treat their asthma, cause vomiting, or even help with muscular disorders. Because of these specific benefits it provided, it was nicknamed Indian tobacco or Puke Weed. You Can Buy Indian Tobacco at Panmasalamix.

Today, Indian tobacco is still used for its many medicinal benefits. The main active compound in this substance is lobelia, and studies show that it could potentially help in the treatment of drug addiction, fight against depression, and boost concentration and memory.

Indian tobacco can be consumed in several different ways. You can choose to take it as a tea, or in the form of tablets, capsules, and even extracts.

Indian tobacco is made up of several compounds that help it in providing such great medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Some of these compounds include morphine, nicotine, and caffeine.

Puke weed is commonly used to help in treating the symptoms of asthma attacks like uncontrollable coughing, tightness of the chest, and wheezing. This is because the active compound in Indian tobacco, lobelia, stimulates breathing, rids the lungs of mucus, and helps to calm the airways. It is also used in providing relief from the symptoms of bronchitis and pneumonia.

People also Buy Indian Tobacco to help in managing ADHA (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.) It helps to reduce hyperactivity and makes it easier to focus by boosting the release of dopamine in the brain.

Another reason that people Buy Indian Tobacco is to use it as a treatment for drug abuse. It has long been viewed as a potential means to help people stop smoking. Lobelia interacts with certain brain receptors that release neurotransmitters causing drugs to be addictive. So, some studies seem to show that lobe line could help people quit their drug addictions.

Some other compounds in puke weed have also been said to act as antioxidants. They fight against molecules that could harm the cells in your body, while also boosting the signaling pathways in your brain.

In all these more research is needed. However, you can still Buy Indian Tobacco to enjoy its calming and concentrating effects.

There is currently limited research on lobelia, so there are no standard dosages or any recommended doses for the amount you should consume. Some side effects like nausea, increased blood pressure, heart arrhythmia, mouth numbness, and bitter aftertaste could result from the consumption of Indian tobacco.

It is not recommended that children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, as well as it is people already on medications Buy Indian Tobacco for personal consumption. You should speak to your healthcare provider to know if it is safe for you to consume Lobelia.



In summary, there are many different ways for you to consume your smokeless tobacco. There are different species to try out including Baba Tobacco, RMD Gutkha, and Indian Tobacco. They all have their specific benefits to offer you, so you can choose whichever one best fits your needs.

The research into smokeless tobacco is still quite limited, so you should always consume with caution. Consult your doctor or a trusted healthcare professional to assure you that you are safe to take any of these substances.

These substances are very powerful and can work wonders in your body if taken the right way. Be cautious, stay safe, and buy your high-quality Indian Tobacco, Baba Tobacco, and RMD Gutkha right here at Panmasalamix.